Business Litigation

Business Litigation

Laird, Baker & Blackstock has broad experience representing business clients who have been damaged.  Often when your business has sustained a loss as a result of fraud or some other unscrupulous practice, you may need more than a commercial transaction lawyer.  You may need a litigator or Plaintiff lawyer who has experience in these type cases.

In the past, Laird, Baker & Blackstock successfully represented 17 pharmacists and veterinarians damaged by companies that took advantage of them in multi-district litigation.

Currently, our firm represents around 20 businesses with BP economic loss claims.  Not every business qualified, but we evaluated dozens more.

Wesley Laird served as the President of the organizing group that formed Southern Independent Bank and currently serves on its Board of Directors, bringing experience to the firm in banking.

Whatever you are experiencing in your small business, we stand ready to assist you in finding a solution.  If we cannot help you, we will assist you in finding a lawyer who will.