Defective Hip Replacements

If you have an artificial hip and are experiencing pain, swelling, change in mobility or any other problems or have had revision surgery, you may be entitled to compensation.  Call us today at (334) 493-9716 to schedule a free consultation.

Many metal on metal hip implants are involved in lawsuits or are being recalled due to unusually high injuries and failure risks.  Among these are the DePuy Pinnacle Ultamet, DePuy ASR Hip, Biomet M2a Magnum,  Stryker Rejuvinate, Stryker ABG II and Stryker LFIT V40 Femoral Head.
As the metal components rub against each other during normal everyday activity, microscopic metal debris may be released into the body. This may result in metal blood poisoning, or metallosis, which increases the risk of the components loosening and failing.
 According to the FDA, the following symptoms, if experienced three or more months after surgery, may indicate that a hip implant is not functioning properly:

Hip replacement 2.jpg

▸    Hip, leg or groin pain
▸    Swelling at or near the hip joint
▸    Popping, grinding, clicking or squeaking                       sounds from the hip joint
▸    A limp or change in mobility

In addition, patients should monitor for symptoms of metal poisoning. According to the FDA, the signs of metal toxicity include:

▸    Impaired kidney function
▸    Thyroid problems, including weight gain, neck discomfort, fatigue and feeling cold
▸    Depression, cognitive impairment or other psychological issues
▸    Skin rashes
▸    Hearing or vision impairments
▸    Cardiomyopathy, a condition that weakens and enlarges the heart muscle

Most metal on metal hips are failing at alarming rates and you may have a lawsuit and be entitled to receive thousands of dollars for your damages. 

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