Oil Rig or Offshore Injury

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Laird, Baker & Blackstock has represented dozens of workers in offshore injury or oil rig injury cases over the years.

Currently we are involved in representing 18 workers in asbestos related injuries caused by exposure offshore.

Wes Laird represented his first injured oil field worker in 1987.  Since then, he has helped try cases in State and Federal Courts in New Orleans and Lafayette, Louisiana as well as Beaumont, Texas, recovering for workers who were working for TransOcean, Diamond Offshore, Zapata, Ensco, Conoco and many other drilling companies. 

Oil field workers, who are badly injured, are often courted heavily by their employer until they can get them to sign a release.  Often, they are later terminated.  As an injured worker, you need someone on your side that only represents workers in the oil field, not the oil companies.

If at all possible, when you are injured, do not give a statement until you have talked to an experienced attorney.  Your consultations with us are completely confidential and we are glad to advise you even without notifying your employer, until you have made a decision to proceed.  We want to protect you and your family and your valuable earnings. 

Oil Rigs

Consultations are free whether we take your case or not.  And if we take your case, we work for you on a contingency fee basis and you do not owe us for fees or expenses unless we recover.   Call our office or click the link below to schedule a free consultation.