18 Wheeler Wrecks and Other Large Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

Preserving evidence and having the right people working for you in a wreck involving an 18 wheeler or other tractor-trailer or large truck can be the difference in a successful recovery, and can make a difference in the amount of damages.

Laird, Baker & Blackstock has successfully sued trucking companies or companies involving 18-wheeler or large truck accidents in Covington County, Coffee County, Conecuh County, Alabama, and in the State of Georgia and the State of Florida.  The firm has the experience and resources you need to deliver results for catastrophic injury or death caused by 18 wheelers or other large tractor-trailers or trucks.

Wes Laird and David Baker have successfully represented injured clients against trucking companies for years.  Wes Laird has also been a featured speaker on trucking litigation topics in Alabama trial lawyer seminars.  He has successfully litigated truck accidents in cases filed in Savannah, Georgia and in Lawrenceville, Georgia in recent years, along with 18-wheeler or large truck cases filed in Evergreen, Alabama and Andalusia, Alabama.

Due to the enormous difference in the weights and size of 18-wheelers and other large commercial trucks, many factors weigh into proving liability and culpability in these cases.  Often times, they require reconstruction experts and DOT Regulation experts to prove the case.  We move fast to preserve the evidence in your case before it is lost or destroyed.

Driver files and logs and inspection records on the trucks and trailers should always be obtained and reviewed.  Depositions not only of the truck driver, but also the safety director, corporate representative, dispatcher, and other pertinent witnesses can be valuable in obtaining the maximum recovery for your injuries.

Laird, Baker & Blackstock has the experience and the resources to litigate your large truck accident case.  These cases are handled on a contingency fee basis and you owe nothing unless there is a recovery.  Call us today or click the link below to schedule a free consultation.